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Does Workhack source the candidates for me?


No, we are not a hiring agency.

We do not work with candidates directly, we only help you with processing the applications.

Do I need to supply you with the questions for the interview?


You can!

Designing a good hiring cycle is quite difficult. We do the hard work of figuring out the industry-standards, creative methods of extracting good quality information and experimentally improvising them. However, if there is a favourite question that you love to ask or something that you really care about, we will be happy to include it as well.

What if I don't like your recommendations?


Good Question.

There is a real possibility that the candidates our AI + Human-Agent pick might not be of your taste. In that case, you can request us to recommend an alternative set out of your pool. The premium hotline will come handy.

How much time does the whole process usually take?

Less than 10 days!

From the time you sign up to the point you receive your final analysis, it will take you no more than 10 business days. Though it might slightly vary based on your pricing tier.

Can you integrate with current ATS and other screening platforms?


Of course!

WorkHack works well both as a standalone solution and as an integration to most of the standard talent solutions. In case we don't, we will make it happen! 👊🏼


Okay, enough talking—how can we absolutely blow your mind 🤯?

We reply to every email, nasty or otherwise. ✉️

edhack is now workhack.
edhack is now workhack.

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