WhatsApp Signup

WhatsApp Signup

Using WhatsApp API with WorkHack

  • You already have access to a number where you are using WhatsApp API for receiving OTP.

You can use this form to directly get your Doosra number. This information is not stored by WH, and is passed on Doosra straight.

  • You are signed up with one of the WhatsApp Business API Providers like Gupshup, 360Dialog, Twilio, etc. ⚠️  We are not into the business of WhatsApp API so any of these partners works for us. We usually work with the customer to figure out if these providers are the best for your needs or not.

  • After you have access to a number and a WhatsApp Business API account account signed up, you have to share with us the credentials and the API key on contact@workhack.io.

Also, please get these Templates approved with your Whatsapp Business Partner to make the process faster. 😊

Whatsapp Templates


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