Launch WorkHack WhatsApp Bot

Launch WorkHack WhatsApp Bot

  1. Click here to launch the bot.
  2. Send the code phrase: join dinner-information
  3. You'll see an acknowledgement from Twilio. Ignore it and send any random text like your pet's name.
  4. All set, let us know how the bot judged you! 😬


Cool things to know before you try-

  1. It's best to test with real name, phone and email address. But feel free to make stuff up.
  2. Don't have to attach your real Aadhar Card. You can just forward back the sample image WorkHack sends you during the chat.
  3. Be nice to the bot. Finish the full conversation to get a summary about yourself 😛

Data Hygiene Reminder: WorkHack is a bot and we have full access to the data you submit to the bot.

What's the link again? Here you go.