edhack is now workhack.

edhack is now workhack.

what changed?

We’ve thought hard about creating good learning products that are fun and help people earn a meaningful livelihood. We aren’t interested in building another test-prep company with an army of salespeople. The world where the only way to build a large sustainable business is to teach exam tricks doesn’t entice us.

A big reason why learning still works this way is not that humans enjoy filing bubbles and spending important years of their lives trying to enter elite colleges. But because pedigree credentials are still the best way to do well in life. Companies have to filter thousands of people applying for jobs, and degrees offer a shortcut to deciding who might be a good bet. There are no easy ways to measure who is more skilled and who you’d like to work with so we end up relying on bad proxies.

It is a tough problem to solve. We thought making more human filtering systems might be a worthy try. This is why we are shifting our focus to building scalable text-based interviews that treat applicants fairly and make hiring easier for employers.

Nothing else changes. We are just as passionate about our goal of building happier learning-livelihood structures.


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