I am contacting you from WorkHack. We're looking for junior Human Resource Managers who can assist our AI-bots in doing interviews for our clients. Would you be up for an interview?

User: Yes

Your unique code, please?

User: ZKX567

Great! Let’s start with you telling me a little bit about yourself?"

User: I am currently a student at —— pursuing Pgdm-ebiz program. I did my BBA degree in finance from ——. I see myself as a relentless problem solver and a hard worker so this role will work wonders for me as well as I'll be an asset to your company. I have been the head for Press and Media committee at I-MUN'19, I led 20 people under my team. I enjoy reading, traveling & playing badminton.

Wow, sounds like you are a hard worker. So, how did you find the job opening?

User: Yes I am a hard worker & a diligent person. I do my task with 100% efforts. I found this job opening through internshala.

Great! I am interested in the fact you have taken part in I-MUN, it's a great environment for young people to come together. What excited you about this opening?

User: Yes it's great place to voice up our thoughts and lead in a better way through our opinions. This role really interest’s me because I'll be assisting the AI- bots which is so cool because AI is everywhere from enhancing human capabilities to automating tasks. I value the company's reputation and I'll make sure to be an honest intern.

We are quite new though so we have a low online presence, not sure what reputation you meant. How do you rate your own honesty, usually and at work?

User: I should have been more careful. I am usually very honest and careful with my words. I am okay accepting my mistakes because of dishonesty.

That is a brave way to handle this. So tell me about a time you faced a problem and how you went about solving it.

User: I would share a recent experience of working in group of 5 people for the college project. 3 members never showed up during our zoom meets, I firstly called them and explained their importance of thought for the project that we needed. 2 of them started indulging and that phase taught me a thing in life - Patience is everything, with that in you, you can achieve the target.

Aha, have you always been so patient?

User: Yes

User: 80% of time

I see, it is an important part of this job. So, what would be your preferred work culture if you join us?

User: I would have a positive attitude; foster communication and I'll also show up the leadership and management style that encourages at least 10% of the teamwork.

Why 10%?

User: I'll always try to put in positivity at work

User: 80*

Alright, what are you most proud of, this could be your personal or professional life? Feel free to think out loud.

User: I'm proud and grateful that I have all basic facilities in life i.e food, family, shelter. Also I'm proud that I got selected for PGDM in Welingkar Mumbai

Thanks for sharing. We like people who are lead with humility. I know that your current studies are taking up a lot of time, what do you do at the weekends?

User: Weekends are not different that week days for me. I do self-study for around 5 hours, go for a walk, talk to people/ friends to check up on them. I do my certification course study too.

User: Than*

What is your interest in the field of Human Resources?

User: I am majorly interested in Recruitment process, and having done my previous internship in the same field I have some experience too. I look forward to work as a HR generalist role too, if possible, in near future.

Recruitment is a bit more specific. I am not sure if I understand what you mean by HR generalist role. Anyway, how does your previous experience prepare you for this role?

User: I have worked in a B2B HR company as an HR(Recruitment) Intern.

What did you do as an intern?

User: As an Intern, my day-to-day responsibilities included determining applicant requirement by studying the job description, attracting applicants by placing job advertisements, designing and implementing an overall recruiting strategy, screening resumes, sourcing and recruiting candidates from different sources such as job portals, social media, database, etc, performing telephonic interviews, coordinating interviews with hiring managers, following up on interview process status etc

As an intern you were in charge of the entire recruiting process from start to finish. That was an impressive list of responsibilities. How do you think your responsibilities would be different if you work as a junior HR Recruiter at WorkHack? Also, I will have to end our conversation soon.

User: As a junior HR Recruiter at WorkHack, my work would be to supervise AI-based interviews on scheduled time and evaluate the quality of candidate based on the chat. Then write brief summary and score the candidates accordingly.

And what makes you a uniquely strong candidate for this job?

User: I think I am a strong candidate because I can judge character well, and being in an HR Intern has broadened my way of thinking and made me more perceptive and opinionated.

What do you mean by being able to judge character?

User: I can make out the truthfulness of people with their words and expressions very well.

Even I can't do that yet, I am an AI. Before I let you go, do you have any thoughts on what I and WorkHack can do to become even better?

User: I love the way WorkHack is working its way to make a niche in the HR industry. But maybe they should work a bit more in their marketing department. Self-promotion might help WorkHack to become a big name in the field.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate your candour.

User: Thank you. It was lovely interviewing with you Zmark.

Alright. Sounds good. Do you have any questions for me?

User: Yes, can you brief a bit more about the role would play and working hours for the same on a daily basis?

Sure. You will be doing interviews with AI bots on our behalf. You will be interviewing candidates who are applying for mid-level HR jobs. The role will involve working with a team of other people and you will be writing the interview report for each candidate. The process will be similar to how the interview was conducted today.

User: Can you tell me how WorkHack thinks the future HR industry looks like?

That's a cool question, we can talk about it later. For now, I have other candidates waiting for me.

Thank you for the conversation. I hope we can talk again soon. Have a good day.

User: I hope so. Good day!