User: /start

I am contacting you from WorkHack. We're looking for junior Human Resource Managers who can assist our AI-bots in doing interviews for our clients. Would you be up for an interview?

User: Yes. My code is YUE341.

Verified. Why don't you begin by telling me something about yourself?

User: Hello sir, I am —— from —— Kerala. I am interested startups and the edutech industry. I have worked with edutech company to develop course content

Aha, where was it?

User: Its a online edutech company called —— in Mumbai.

How long were you in the job?

User: 2 months

I see. Tell me some about the work you did there, if you are comfortable.

User: I developed 3 courses for them.

How did it go? Did you enjoy it?

User: Yes, I enjoyed it and help the CEO with some changes towards marketing

So, you helped with the marketing?

User: Yes, prepared a market research report.

Talk more about the marketing report. How did you approach the market research?

User: Researched the existing market considering the target group and developed the plan according to it regarding the course price etc.

What else did you work on along with this? You mentioned creating courses in the beginning.

User: I have developed technical course on engineering. I have developed course work on instrumentation basics, polymer science and strength of materials. Content was divided into chapters with relevant info

Okay! And do you imagine a connection between this experience and the HR position at WorkHack?

User: Well, the company seems to be one that I hadn't heard about. Also, it doesn't seem to have lots of time constraints, and I think this one has an added advantage over other HR jobs since this doesn't have a face-to-face component. Also, I'm kinda in this for the pay.

The pay isn't that very high, to be honest. This is a junior position.

User: I know it isn't, but I'm trying to save up, so any amount is absolutely fine by me.

Alright, can you tell me what you like about this role, if at all anything specific?

User: The fact that I'm going to be interacting with people and get some managerial experience from this is what I want. Mostly for the experience and probably learn something on the job.

Well, I want to make sure that you get the right experience by working here. But I must warn you that this job involves greater AI interaction and autonomy in functioning. You will be talking to people and your managers only very rarely.

User: I understand, i wanted to apply because of the AI thing also. It will be useful in my career to work more closely with technology and learn more.

Have you interacted with any kind of AI or chatbots before this?

User: I don't know if the Swiggy bot counts.

Haha, it does. Any other bot?

User: At the startup I was working with, there was a customer service bot on the website but it did not use AI. We had to manually respond to the customer questions.

That's a problem in the industry which gives AI companies bad reputation. Do you think there is an impact on the quality of the conversation if you tell people upfront they are talking to an AI vs a human?

User: I am not sure of the answer but if I had to guess people become more vulgar talking to bot becuase it is a machine. I prefer to tell people beforehand that it is a bot and their job depends on it.

And to what degree do you believe should AI control the job outcomes to people?

User: Haven't thought about it before, sorry. I trust humans more than technology to decide my talent.

We also believe in using human judgement to make critical judgements that impact people's well-being. The position we are hiring you for would need you to make manual intervention as and when necessary while AI will be talking on its own. We need you to be very agile and quick in observing patterns and controlling quality of the conversation.

User: At my previous job too the CEO also commended me for my attention to details and fast decision making. I will love to work with cool persons like Zmark in this position and make you proud.

Sounds promising. I will be ending our conversation now. Do you have any questions for me?

User: Okay…When will i know about the positon?

Thanks, I'll get back to you when I've had a chance to discuss everything with my team.

User: Alright

Have a good day!

User: Bye