I am contacting you from WorkHack. We're looking for junior Human Resource Managers who can assist our AI-bots in doing interviews for our clients. Would you be up for an interview?

User: TOA199

Tell me a little about yourself?

User: Currently pursuing MBA (HR) from ——. Also having some prior experience in HR domain.

I see, is there a particular part about the job of an HR that fascinates you the most?

User: Interested in Interacting with people and management works.

That's great! What made you apply to WorkHack?

User: To be honest, I have not got the time to research the company. The job profile was interesting so I applied. I am very interested in the field of AI and hiring.

Interesting, have you had a chance to try or learn more about AI before this?

User: I am from an MBA background, our course did not include any training on technology. I have read some articles online and Artificial Intelligence is becoming a part of all jobs now MBA. Our college doesn't have the subject option. My brother is Programmer analyst in Cognizant so I just discussed with him.

No worries about that. We are looking for someone who is good at quick decision making since the job involves watching over AI as it conducts interviews. Your competition is going to be AI. How suitable do you think you are for this position?

User: I always like to take responsibility for my actions and do things to change the outcome of things. At home, school and work I have always wanted to do things perfectly. I will make sure I am very careful in my duties and I want to make you proud.

What kind of work culture do you want to work within? In easy words, how can we make it an awesome experience for you?

User: Manager who do not take advises from their team members and kind of bossy nature ,I will not want to work with such manager. I want to work with people who always value team members suggestions, motivate them.

That sounds like a very reasonable expectation. Tell me about a time when you had a disagreement with a team member? How did you resolve it?

User: Recently when I was working as team leader in ——company, one of my marketing intern said that sales pitching is not part of marketing domain. I value his words but suggest him that marketing requires convincing skills and if one know how to pitch their customers that will be great for good marketing manager.

In our position who will be of greater importance to you, the applicants or the clients who are hiring them?

User: I think in this situation I would like to focus more on the clients since they will be the one paying for the applicant's salary also. If they are a bad match from the starting it will be of no use to anyone.

I agree with you to a degree. How do you rate your language skills?

User: 3/5

And what is your basis of this scoring?

User: I make some punctuation mistakes and don't pay attention to my spellings. I am improving it day by day.

I appreciate your candour. What's your interaction style like? Also, we have a hard stop at 8.30. Would love to learn as much as I can before that.

User: I can explain things precisely with having some convincing skill .I always prefer to interact politely and in professional manner. But also act as a friend where situations require.

We want the interviews to be polite and professional too. Would you be able to manage this job along with everything else? We want our team members to be very punctual and organised about their schedules.

User: I will try my best to always be on time and meet the deadlines. If I am busy I will tell you in advance.

Nice to hear that. Do you have any questions for me?

User: Yes just about timings and roles.

Great! Our timings are flexible and you can work from anywhere that you like. About the role details, I highly recommend you look at we included all the important details there.

User: That's Great

Any feedback for me?

User: Thank you .I really feel so comfortable in this interview .

No problem. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

User: Bye