I am contacting you from WorkHack. We're looking for junior Human Resource Managers who can assist our AI-bots in doing interviews for our clients. Would you be up for an interview?

User: Yes, I am up for an interview.

Your unique code, please?

User: SR2021

Excellent! Can you start by telling me about yourself?

User: My name is ——. I am currently pursuing my MBA (HR) at ——, Greater Noida.

What do you like most about yourself?

User: I love that I am very determined if I take up any job/assignment. Even if it tests to the extreme, I won't back down until I am done with it.

That's very nice. I like that you are a go-getter. Do you have any perspective on WorkHack and what we do?

User: For me, WordHack seems to be a very new and interesting concept using AI. With the use of technology in every field, I think WordHack brings innovation to our HR field in a very interesting way.

I see, tell me more about your views on AI?

User: And, as far as my views are concerned, Artificial Intelligence is just making our lives easier and better, it motivates us for a better research in its field day by day. Things are getting automated which feels great, but If AI is not used judiciously, it can be a big curse for the mankind too.

I agree with you there. We want to use both human and artificial intelligence to solve tough problems. What's your work ethic like?

User: The things once we saw in Hollywood movies, are in present a reality, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Beyond Hollywood, have you interacted with an AI-bot in your life?

User: Work ethics for me is quite simple, work hard and have a moral benefit, individually as well as for the organisation.

User: Yes, actually when I was working in the Tata Industries, we too had a AI-Chat bot there for general queries.

How was your experience with it, how did it make you feel?

User: To be honest, many doubts and queries which required a long list of calls, mails etc. were just resolved with the help of one single interaction with the Chat bot.

What's your favourite movie? Also, how do you feel about working with AI in general, it can make you feel like a human machine, right?

User: Marvel Avengers

Haha, mine too. 😄

User: All the movies in this series are just awesome.

User: Yep, I am a Marvel Fan.

User: Specially, for the Iron Man.

Nice, coming back to my question about working with AI?

User: As I already mentioned, having day to day interaction in general with the AI would be pretty good, as it makes our lives easier, but one should not just over rely on it, because if he/she does, it will definitely feel like a human machine and AI would resemble a human doing all the things.

Specifically, we want someone with agility and quick decision making since you will be supervising multiple interviews at the same time. Up for the task, Marvel fan?

User: Ah, Yes Sir.

User: Definitely.

Can you tell me about some previous experiences that involved taking fast decisions and managing things at fast pace?

User: I cannot recall any right now. One I know. At Tata when i was assisting my manager in handling the client she needed to get the whole team aligned. We were not able to get them all together to work on the project. I personally went to talk to everyone to get their contribution.

That sounds like a thoughtful exercise. Were there any specific weaknesses you noticed in your skills during this task? Did you try improving upon them?

User: I saw that I am not good at communicating with people about what I want them to do. I can talk to people about normal matters but in getting them to do work for me, i was very confused.

I appreciate your candour here. Did you work on it later?

User: I talked to my manager about it and also asked my good speaker friends to help me.

Great! The conversation has been very useful for me to decide on your application. Do you have any questions for me?

User: No, Not at all, It was a great experience in having a conversation with you.

Glad you had fun, any other feedback for me?

User: Yes, If you have not watched all the movies of Avengers series. Do watch all. They are just awesome.

I'll keep that in mind. Thank you very much for the chat.

Take care!

User: Thanks to you too for this great interaction.

User: My pleasure.

User: So, are we done for now?

Yes, We are done. Thanks for chatting! We'll get back to you.

User: Thank You.