I am contacting you from WorkHack. We're looking for junior Human Resource Managers who can assist our AI-bots in doing interviews for our clients. Would you be up for an interview?

User: Yaa, Sure

Your special code?

User: SHU7004

Great, tell me a little bit about yourself?

User: I am basically a guy pursuing Bachelor's in Computer Applications, interested in AI and Technology

I see, have you done any internships before this?

User: I've not been into one, but I do have a work experience of —— as i have mentioned while applying.

What is your motivation to join WorkHack?

User: The main motivation is to observe and review how the AI is being used at WorkHack and learn the very minute things which would be very beneficial for me.

What do you expect from WorkHack?

User: I want to work in a good work culture where I can work hard but also make some mistakes. I want to work at a startup for this very reason.

What are your views on AI generally?

User: I think AI is mostly good for the society. All our amazon, netflix, tinder use algorithms with AI in them so it is already widely used. We have to be careful to not let AI fall into bad hands.

That's interesting to hear. I am glad you're aware of the prevalence of AI. What are some of the ways in which you think it can be dangerous?

User: When AI is used to kill or make people sick that will be bad. Also like nuclear bomb it is dependent on who is using AI. I am afraid of being addicted to my phone because of the Ai making it interesting everyday.

You seem to have captured real fears about AI very well. How will you contribute to WorkHack's vision?

User: I could respond to this better if you could tell me what my job could be like

Okay. You will be working with other team members to supervise interviews conducted by AI and then performing a level of analysis to make sure the expectations of the client are met.

User: Well, in that case, assuming everything is online, there shouldn't be much issue. And when it comes to the multitasking aspect of it with supervising multiple interviews, I can manage that as well. So overall, there shouldn't be much trouble.

Makes sense. It is important for us that you are good at solving problems really quickly. Have you faced a conflict at work before that needed speedy response?

User: I cannot remember such a situation but hypothetically first, I'd calm everyone down because anything done in haste leads to no good. Then I'd address their situation patiently and let them know that they're being heard throughout, and find a solution that works the best for them.

Let me ask you something really interesting. Most people would think that the candidate who is most eager to work from the start is the best fit. But we believe that the candidate who is most eager to learn and grow is the best fit. So how would you define a good fit for WorkHack?

User: I think equal amounts of both is just as good.  With eagerness to work, you're on call for everything and don't let any opportunity past you, and with the eagerness to grow, you can take any form of criticism with a pinch of salt and keep moving forward. That should be a perfect fit.

Do you have any questions for me?

User: If I were to join, what could my day-to-day look like?

We'll have 1-2 interviews a day, you'd look at what went wrong, how the bots could have performed better and how to improve that for the future. You would be supervising around 100 interviews a day, progressively, of course. That would include making sure the outcome of the bots is as expected and then generating reports around that. Timing is flexible as we will be sharing it between you and other human agents.

User: Okay, cool!

Do you have any other questions?

User: No, that's it.

User: This has to be a first of a kind

Why do you say that?

User: A chat interview

User: Pretty relieving actually

User: I thought I'd have to make sure everything in the frame is perfect, but this is so much more better.

Absolutely! It's a great way of getting to know someone. I'll be sharing your responses with the team. Just to be sure you can be candid right now. The interview is over, this is the feedback session.

User: Yeah, alright lol

I've seen how you've interacted throughout. You were sincere, confident in what you said. You have great potential.

User: Yes. Thanks a lot man

No problem! I'm sure you'll be hearing from us soon.

User: Cool thanks

Thank you too!

User: Ooh one more thing, by when will I hear about this?

We'll get back to you with a decision, mostly within 2-3 days from now. Will you be available by then?

User: Yeah sure!

Great! Talk to you soon!

User: Sure