I am contacting you from WorkHack. We're looking for junior Human Resource Managers who can assist our AI-bots in doing interviews for our clients. Would you be up for an interview?

User: yes

What's your special code, good human?

User: NIM709, thank you

Tell me a little bit about yourself, first?

User: I am —— from —— Odisha. I am in my final year of (H).  I did my schooling and intermediate in —— I worked with —— as a data entry operator and was a member of hiring team. I worked with them 6 months.

That's good, what did you do when you worked with them?

User: I was a data entry operator. I collected around 10000 candidates who were searching for jobs and the jobs were of brown and blue collar like delivery boy hair stylist. and was in the hiring team, the listed candidates were called and asked for the preferences that in which category they are looking for job.

I see, is there any connection you see between that job and this?

User: No I guess this is a different type of job and I want to learn from it and want to prepare a project on it. I am looking to start my career in the HR field and recruiting is the basic function in the HR domain, Hence I have applied.

I appreciate you candidness. Why would you like to work at WorkHack?

User: I want to gain some different experience from here in comparison of my last company. And I found bit interesting because new ways your company using like AI.

It's always good to sample different things before making up your mind. What do you know about AI already, any views on it?

User: Looking at its full form Artificial Intelligence i can say that we program it and it will respond to its user/customer accordingly.

And what does using AI for HR purposes mean to you?

User: Main HR skills are good Interpersonal Communication, listening skills, evaluating body language and verbal communication, Rational thinker, Leadership, Resilience, Relationship Building, Honesty and Integrity. AI can be programmed to check for the reasoning and skills of someone. I have never tried it before. Not much idea.

Alright, tell me more about your skills?

User: I am an avid learner, I like to explore and learn new things, integrity and dedication towards work are my stronghold. I can work in team and also lead if required. I used to have stage fear and public speaking anxiety but throughout my college years I have overcome it, if you ask about my current weakness, I am working on my handwriting, its terrible 😉

Thankfully we will not get you to write by hand for us. A lot of people worry about interviews, what are you worries about interviews?

User: I am not worried about the interviews because getting my past internship i faced few interviews so I have enough experience in basic levels.

That sounds pretty good to me. I like that and I would like to get to know you as well. If we did decide to hire you what are your time constraints?

User: I have classes from 9 to 4. I am free in evenings and also on weekends.

I see. I'm sure you're pretty busy with your college and internship. Let me know if you have any questions about WorkHack or the job. I will be glad to answer them.

User: Yes, in fact I do

User: What are your expectations from me regarding work and providing you with my time

Basically, you will be supervising interviews conducted by our bots. These would be 4 at a time so we need you to be very agile and quick. We will be hiring multiple assistant HRs so can work out the shifts.

User: Okay as you mentioned I would be busy with my college. I would like to correct you there that I am not perusing any other internship right now. Also, with the fact the right now all classes are online. So, I am pretty sure I can give time

Alright, any more questions for me?

User: No, thank you for clearing my queries.

No problem at all. I will let you know as soon as we decide on something. Do you have any feedback for me?

User: Yes, I enjoyed giving this interview. I was very nervous before however the way questions are structured it helps in calming down nerves. You were good.

User: I'll look forward to that.

Take care, have a nice day.

User: Good day. Take care.

That’s great. So we’ll be wrapping up now. Do you have any feedback for me?

User: ok sir thank-you. You designed your AI bot Zmark excellently. I had also used bots in our channel but not like this. and i want to know that when can I know that I'm hired or not.

Sure, we'll be sending you an email this week. Thanks for the compliment.

User: Goodnight.