I am contacting you from WorkHack. We're looking for junior Human Resource Managers who can assist our AI-bots in doing interviews for our clients. Would you be up for an interview?

User: Sure!

Your special code, please?

User: ABIFS23

Great! Tell me a little about yourself?

User: Hello, I am ——, I am an undergraduate student at ——. I am doing my graduation in business management. I am in the second year of my graduation. my last year CGPA is 9.2. I am good at team management and design making. i also lead my school in the national volleyball championship in 2019. I am having the experience of internship with internshala as a affiliate marketer.

Excellent! What really interests you about that role?

User: I am extremely interested in the Human Resources job. As you mentioned in the job listing, I'd be responsible for recruiting, orientation, and training. I am interested in this job because it would allow me to use some part of my previous experience while continuing to develop my expertise in new areas of responsibility.

Alright, can you tell me a little bit more about your previous experience? How did you handle team management?

User: In my previous internship I work as an affiliate marketer. in that position I guide many college freshers to join the internshala platform. I guide them by conducting meaning online seminars and online meetings. and that internship I learn about the online meeting etiquettes and crowd management. That was my first internship. To handle the teasing first tried my full attention to the team members and understand their problems or queries. I don't put any pressure on my team or the team members for the work because I believe that the pressure is not helpful to complete the work.

But pressure does serve an important purpose, right?

User: It is right that pressure gives one type of motivation to complete the work but if we put the lot of pressure on the team of the team members then they will complete there were for the satisfaction of boss not for the innovation. I think only the completion of work is not necessary. The important thing that how much effectively we can complete our work. A little bit of pressure is good but after some limit it become burden

It is important to realise that the pressure helps build a sense of teamwork and community among employees. Have you had a serious work conflict in your previous jobs, how did you take care of it?

User: NG work with the different types of people then the conflict in the workplace is normal because the thinking of the two persons are the two personalities is not same so to handle such situations. I will listening the thoughts of the other people carefully. I will understand them and then I will clear my points on my thoughts. By doing this we can define a common solution which will be acceptable for all. Why working in the diversity formation of conflict is normal. While searching the solutions on the conflict all the team members are equal for me. I will not differentiate or I will not give more importance to one of them. The team all members are necessary and important equally.

Okay! What do you think or know about AI in general?

User: AI is commonly known as artificial intelligence which refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machine. Nowadays most of the works are done by the artificial intelligence. Due to that the work pressure on the humans is decreasing day by day. It is beneficial for us. Nowadays many applications work on artificial intelligence. Almost every sector of industries use artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence having their own reasoning and problem-solving capacity.

Yes, AI is playing a role in every sector. Do you think that AI is replacing humans?

User: It is true that in so many sectors artificial intelligence is replacing humans because artificial intelligence minimise the chances of errors. Hindi newspaper I read that in the year 2020 at least 5 million jobs were replaced by artificial intelligence. But it is also true that some jobs cannot replaced by artificial intelligence like writers, software developers, chief executive officer, marketing managers etc. Mini hard-working jobs can do by the robots are the artificial intelligence but in some jobs emotions and human thinking is more beneficial than the artificial intelligence

A small question. So you believe that AI will replace 85% of jobs, but you are looking for the role where you will be managing AI bots?

User: that's why I am saying that the only 85% job can replaceable by the artificial intelligence but remaining 15% jobs are still open for the human emotions.

And why do you think HR is a job that can be done by AI?

User: You also know that the artificial intelligence can't help completely in the HR that's why you are looking for managing 2 artificial intelligence bots. In some amount artificial intelligence can be helpful original and the life example is this interview that I am giving the interview to bot who is actually artificial intelligence. But my capacity and my qualifications cannot be calculated by the artificial intelligence. It can only helpful to arrange the interviews, differentiate the resume how to communicate with the team members or the other people. Artificial intelligence can't answer all the questions so at some point Mini the human. Using artificial intelligence is not a bad concept we can use it for the analysis but we can't use it for a decision-making purpose. To make the decision human mind is essential.

Does that mean artificial intelligence is a threat to the jobs or not? Also, I'll have to end this conversation soon.

User: No I am not saying that the artificial intelligence is a threat for the jobs artificial intelligence support to the human. Is just like a supporter to make work better

Okay. Makes sense. I hope this is being a fun conversation for you. It has given me a chance to understand your reasoning and ability to articulate coherent thoughts.

User: It is a nice chat with you Zmark. I am suitable for this position as I will work hard and adopt to your company culture very fast.

That's nice to hear. Do you have any questions for me?

User: No, I will ask later.

No issues, hope you had a good experience chatting with me today.

User: Nice talking to you. Bye