How WorkHack hired using WorkHack
How WorkHack hired using WorkHack

How WorkHack hired using WorkHack

Most people want to do the right thing most of the time, but often the right thing is also the hard thing to do.

WorkHack is making faster and better interviewing experience scalable. We understand brands care deeply about treating their applicants well and hiring the right ones. And as more companies become remote-first and location flexible, the recruitment process is also evolving. Large distributed companies like Automattic (Wordpress, Tumblr, WooCommerce) have already always been using text-based interviews for all of their hiring.

By using a combination of AI and Human Intelligence, WorkHack makes it easier to chat with all of your applicants and get to know them better. We ensure zero instances of bad experiences by tightly controlling the context and tone of the conversation.

We needed to hire Human Agents for these supervision roles and received over 300 applications from mostly business graduates and to-be-graduates via Internshala. Spending a minimum of 30 minutes to interview let's say 60 candidates itself takes nearly 30 human hours. Including all the breaks, delays and data processing that's about ONE FULL WEEK of exhausting work!

We decided to use WorkHack to hire for WorkHack.

Here's how it worked ⚙️
  1. Posted the job listing on Internshala.
  2. Sent the interested applicants a link to book a convenient slot and an explainer video ⇒
  3. Candidates chatted with our Zmark bot for junior HR position.
  4. We got our top candidate recommendations and verified the picks with the transcripts.
  5. Sent out the offer letter!

We hosted 56 interviews in less than 7 hours. Candidates could easily pick a time of their choice, reschedule and not worry about losing an offer. And we could worry less about losing good candidates.

Out of 56 applicants, 49 rated the conversation positively.

The current proxies of GPA, college pedigree and the number of years one has previously worked at something tell little about why they are the rockstars you've been looking for. When candidates get a chance to talk and sell their skills, they can either impress you or see why this may not be the job for them. Everyone deserves a good chat.

We have hired 2 Human Agents from this listing. Knowing exactly how they compare to everyone who applied to us, our confidence on the new hires is super high.

Some annotated transcripts from our interviews-


Guess which candidate we hired? Wrong answers only 😎


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