Release Note 28th

Release Update 28th July 2022

Daily Export

Starting today if you have a bot that’s been active in the last 7 days, you’ll receive updates on Whatsapp like this ➡️

Right now there’s no option to turn these off 😛, but you can reach out to the WH team if this is too much for you. Gonna soon provide that option on the Accounts Page.


Send Direct Texts to Users

We’ve added the option to directly text your users from the Users Page itself.

So now after a flow is over, you if you want to send any crucial updates to your users you can do it on your own.


New Analytics

Don’t know how we survived this long with bad reporting of your data. Now you’ll be able to see—

  1. Filter the full analytics page by Campaigns or Custom Dates to view data of only the users you’re interested in, instead of looking at all the users ever uploaded to a flow.
  2. Look at aggregates for different statuses and check if the numbers have changed in the Last Hour, Today, Yesterday, This Month or your custom date range.
  3. Calculate and track the Conversion rate by selecting statuses of your choice. For instance, use Details Submitted + Docs Submitted together to find out the conversion rate.
  4. Use the user activity graph to check if there have been any messages exchanged at all between the users and the bot at all over a period of time.

Campaign Redirection to Users Page

Campaigns Page is useful to track if the invites went out and what was the problem with the failed one.

But in order to check for the activity and statuses of the users in a Campaign, you had to currently go to the Users Page and apply date filters etc. That shouldn’t be needed really.

So from now on, you’ll be able to click on a Campaign and we’ll redirect you to the Users Page while applying the relevant filters to only show you users from that Campaign.

Additionally, at the top of the Users Page, you will also see the status of the users you uploaded in that Campaign like No Whatsapp, Already In The Flow etc.

Reminders Visibility

Nudging users to finish the action items is a core component of what we do. But until now you couldn’t track if the reminders have been sent out for your users or not.

Now we will show the Reminders sent for Today, Yesterday and This Week on the Analytics Page. 9781

Intent Score

This is a big change that underlines the direction WH is headed in. Apart from the Conversion Rate which is going to be now more prominent, we’re going to start publishing an Intent Score for every user. The Intent Score will be calculated based on the following-

  1. Time taken to reply
  2. User-initiated pings to the bot
  3. Verbosity
  4. Attributes Similarity to successful users
  5. Tone and Sentiments
  6. Curiosity about the product/bot

The Intent Score will help you decide which users to prioritise and the ones to leave alone. We’re hoping this improves both your experience in trying to use WH and that of the end-users also. Ofc, we will keep refining the score as you give us more feedback about what’s working the best for you.

Other minor fixes and Improvements—

  1. Bug fixes to the Calendar Filter on the Users Page
  2. Providing success feedback to Single Invites just like the Bulk Invites. Available on the Campaigns Page itself.
  3. Edit Image while setting up Templates


Hopefully soon features—

  1. Integrating mail invites along with bots!
  2. Allowing chat interventions at any point in the flow
  3. Ability to send Reminders and turn off the existing ones
  4. Managing your subscriptions from the Accounts Page

see ya next week