Product Updates December

product updates december



The best month at the company when we had revenue from actual usecases of the product. It took us many months to figure out a product that would have a client who loves us and whose business we impact severely enough to receive SOS texts.

We’re making a transition from being bots for behavioural interviews to Conversational AI tools for data collection. You may not have been excited about the niche filtering problem for large employers we were solving but now WorkHack is broadly a tool for you to do anything with cool talking bots. They can talk to your users on your behalf to collect feedback, referrals, documents, applications forms, provide information, simulate scenarios or just about anything!

Our main competitor is actually Typeform, which despite being cool is still only a damn form. It didn’t significantly add to either end of the user delight apart from the animated UI. It just asks your name and then keeps appending it to every other question to make it feel personalised. For intelligence sake, it lets you build logic flows.

It is still a horrible experience to fill up a passive dumb form! The person who created the form is learning very little and from very few people because the form doesn’t dynamically adapt to tackle the loss of interest, vagueness of responses, engage an increasingly bored user, answer queries or focus on the things that your user has just told you they care about.

We see WorkHack as scaling up you up to get more things done with your day. You can only find an assistant more aligned to your values and style, what if you could build one to exactly your preferences!

Canva/Webflow for Conversational AI!

excited as ever,


updated our "You Are Dying" board from $10,000 to $100,000.
updated our "You Are Dying" board from $10,000 to $100,000.

Features we’ve built/are building to help our existing clients are basically reusable modules that become plug and play units you can put together to do anything. some we built this month-

📱 salary calculator

We are building a salary calculator for CSB Bank over chat. This is one of the most critical projects we’ve undertaken yet, and the most well paid one too. Once completed, it will enable companies to qualify candidates over chat, ask for their current salary slip, generate three offer letters based on company, deliver them progressively and seek acceptance. You can change the variables and use the calculator for any company.

🎭  customer simulation

Got approached by one of my favourite companies Nymble to help them hire customer service representatives. I had been keeping their founder updated with our product since we started building, it was extremely cool to be able to solve a problem for them now. Their bottleneck was not being able to process candidates fast enough to meet their hiring goals. Their skill test is basically simulating a troubled customer for a food robotics company. There are no playbooks here because there’s never been a food robotics company ever. We’re trying to make the bot roleplay as a customer for their product. Apart from testing skill, this has a potential usecase of being useful for training.

☎️  answering queries

We built this for Arvind Lifestyle Brands with over 10,000 employees. Similar to a customer query bot that pulls up relevant articles but delivered over WhatsApp and more accurate. Doing the bare minimum worked for them, but our aim is to demonstrate the utility of a conversational AI agent to automate a larger list of tasks.

⚖️  subjective opinions into Likert Scale

Building this one for a testing company Disha Kiran. This is by far one of the coolest things we’ve ever built. When we first approached them we wanted to make them switch to this very new form of testing using subjective questions and answers. But it's a radical intervention, basically building a new product from scratch. A far more sensible thing to do is to help them deliver their current tests using conversational AI to improve user experience and make them more money. So we built an engine to map subjective, open-ended responses to Frequency Likert scale. It's a massive achievement to let user respond however they like and still be able to process that data in meaningful ways. It's often hard to pinpoint if your answer to a question is Sometimes or Mostly, so WorkHack helps clarify your response not just to the test makers but to even yourself! It's very very cool! This has big feedback usecases.


on the roadmap

Authentication System & Security Features: Letting users authenticate with their LinkedIn within chat itself. We're trying to make the conversations more secure by design instead of using regressive proctoring methods.
WorkHack Widget: Working with a very cool ATS company with big Indian clients to make WorkHack a widget for candidate processing.
Feedback Usecase: Using the Likert scale engine to go live with a user trying to collect feedback from their users.
Going live with online communities usecase: We really really need to do it this month. Have been delaying it for long. We already have all the modules to put it together real quick.
WorkHack unified bot: Right now to go live with us you need to be a WhatsApp verified business. We can fix that by designing routes and authentication to enable all customers to go live instantly with a WorkHack branded bot.

Quick recap— last month we built Dashboard, Calendar Scheduling and Reminders, Document Processing, Binary Judgements on personality traits and Deployed on WhatsApp. Checkout the full Product Updates from November here.

I know you already have a cool usecase in mind, hit me up!


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