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product updates november



We finally shipped a bunch of critical features our customers have been asking for months. We've been extra frugal in what we choose to build and have limited our efforts to designing better conversations as much as possible. It's the core of our product that we do better than anyone else and we want to stay focused on the same!

Now that we're deploying with a select set of customers, the product needs market-ready layers. Infact everything we have built in the past month is a company on its own. But building them has meant we haven't been able to deploy for other use-cases we wanted to experiment with like community filtering, feedback collection and interview prep.

Since these are our early days of deployment, we are just firefighting everyday. Grateful for our first clients for these problems. We wouldn't have imagined working with SBI, Axis Bank, pharmacy giant, Dominos and other brands 6 months back, via our platform partners of course. We're also creating industry partnerships to build other products together.

excited as ever,


πŸ–₯️ Dashboard

This has been one of the most requested feature. So obvious in hindsight.

Now Recruiters can invite Candidates themselves, either one at a time or in bulk. Then view the submissions of the Candidates and export the data as needed.

We're going to be adding more functionality soon, for now it has only Invite Candidates, Review their Submissions, Edit the Reminders, Check the Chatflow tabs.

Next up are analytics like what stage your Candidates are dropping out at, how much time they take to finish a chat, what device they're using, what's the distribution curve like etc.

Employers can install the dashboard on their domain, or login into at


πŸ—“οΈ Calendar Scheduling + Automated Reminders

It's hard to believe Calendly has survived for so long as a standalone product for just scheduling better. Nothing beats becoming the default for something.

We can now connect to the Recruiter's calendar and provide the qualified Candidates an option to book a slot at the available hours. Both the Recruiter and the Candidate receive a calendar invite and a meeting link.

The Recruiter can also set text + email reminders and edit them on the dashboard.


πŸ“„ Document Submission

Recruiters often have to collect docs from Candidates which can involve a lot of back and forth. We can accept submissions from the candidate, read them and verify basic details.

Currently it isn't a security feature but we'd like to use official documents to skip making the Candidate enter the basic details manually. Personally, I think reading submitted documents isn't a very good way of authenticating and we'd have to work on better identity verification systems.

In the times of Aadhar Card fudging and data leaks, a LinkedIn profile can be a more powerful verification method. Even if you want to, you wouldn't be able to create a hundred LinkedIn profiles with connections and history to prove it's the real one. It's potentially much easier to have a fake Aadhar Card.

When WorkHack evolves to be a major player in the hiring market, Candidate's tagged long-term, multi-employer profile based on the conversations can itself help evaluate credibility and assessment.


🟒 Deployment on WhatsApp

Can't imagine the ordeal we put all of our beta testers through making them create Discord accounts and downloading Telegram. Good news is now we are deployed on WhatsApp, awaiting the Business API approval for our own brand but using those of our clients for immediate deployment.

Will have to deploy on webapp too to enable some proctoring features too.

πŸ—³οΈBinary recommendations for Positive Attitude, Empathy and Listening, Persuasion

This is actually trickiest. We knew we'd have to do some form of objective analysis for the Recruiters along with the quick summary, but we continued to delay this because this essentially is algorithmic decision making.

No matter how large the data set or how accurate your blackbox, you're asking the machine to decide whether someone is good at persuasion or not. Is persuasion manipulating the customer to meet your targets or trying to create a faux relationship only to push to them more products? That depends on what the product is and if you're BYJUs. We want to escape this and are still trying to figure out how to work with the employers to define these values.

The second part of the problem is that the judgement has to be relative. The employer will have to define if they want to eliminate candidate or select candidates using WorkHack. We want to be extremely careful in how this is deployed in real life.


πŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ On the roadmap

Interface for self-deployment: Selecting from a bunch of standard bots for popular jobs and customising them to fit your needs without needing to get on a call with us.
Probability based recommendations for traits: Building more sophisticated models to predict the accuracy of the binary recommendations we're giving. Something like I am 25% sure this person has a positive atttitude, instead of this person has positive attitude.
Appeal System: It has to be a crucial part of what we're building if we are going to have significant impact on people's livelihood opportunities. The design of the appeal system has to be thoughtful enough to encourage only serious false negatives to ask for a review.
Better gibberish detectors: We need to get better at processing all kinds of unanticipated user responses. Building a unified engine to identify the user intent more accurately. It would help us lower costs and guide the user behaviour into positive direction.
Adding some technical assessments: We want to continue being personality-first filtering service but we're seeing that Recruiters need some integration with a technical testing platform too. We're figuring out what technical challenges can be delivered through conversations to have end-to-end filtering. Again, this is a whole company in itself.
Post-Offer Letter engagement: Since the bot takes over the role of the HR and defines their interaction with the company, it is natural to text it questions once you've received your offer letter after the human interview. Based on how a hired candidate serving their notice period interacts with the bot, we can deliver actionable insights to the HR. Like if a Candidate remains unresponsiveness to the company communication there's a greater likelihood they're not going to ultimately join.


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