Research Engineer

Research Engineer

Most interfaces in the world will actually be conversational and multimodal. And NLP is going to be a fundamental block of that transition. Dropdown Menus won’t survive in the Metaverse 😌

NLP is core to WorkHack's mission of improving human productivity ❤️

We are building with the latest breakthroughs of conversational AI and NLG

What you’ll work on:

  • researching on reasoning capabilities and code generation to build next-gen AI products
  • personalisation and experimentation using Reinforcement Learning and CausalML
  • explainability, real-time inference of LLMs, content filtering and other safety practices to bring the research into production
  • keeping up with latest breakthroughs of AI community

What you may have experience on:

You may have experience in one or more of:

  • Language Modelling: Hacked GPT-2/3, etc LLMs for fun use cases
  • Realtime ML systems: APIs for NLP tasks like IR, classification, or product recommendation
  • Prototyping: Played around with toolkits like PyTorch, OpenAI Gym, 🤗HF, etc
  • Reinforcement Learning: Recommenders, Representation Learning, Bandits, etc