Software Engineer

Software Engineer

There’s nothing more powerful than the ability to persuade and change someone’s mind. We think WH is best placed to be the company that builds the next generation of an ethical nudging engine using AI.

We’re building using NLP research that is far away from being mainstream. But cool tech is just one part of it—we’re super motivated to build useful/functional products on top of it and create real value.

We need people who can help us build+scale our conversational AI engine and the web app to help our customers use the insights from the conversations. Examples of stuff you might be working on —

  • We deliver most of our conversations on WhatsApp, but increasingly more of our customers want to use our engine on their own apps. And that’s our goal too, we want companies to be able to use our API to serve their customers wherever they like. We need to build a stable API infrastructure to support 10000s of users a day.
  • We have our own bot-building language called Fluid. Our engineers built it to solve the high development time of new bots. We’d love to make Fluid more friendly for developers, build a community around it, and eventually have a full self-serve system to let anybody deploy their own AI agent.
  • Build the first version of our advertising platform from scratch. We’re discovering the main power of WH is going to be our ability to use conversations to extract relevant data points and iteratively learn how to leverage them for higher engagement. There’s something that already works for us, but it’s not even a fraction as powerful as it could be.
  • Build our B2C product. Our current product doesn’t own the users and doesn’t leverage the cross-company profile of a user. Basically, users want to keep talking to our bots, but we cut them off after achieving our transactional value. We want to quickly build a consumer version of WH optimised around better health, educational and financial outcomes.

Our stack is pretty straightforward: React, Python, MongoDB and AWS.