workhack—we’re hiring

🚜 Traction

We went live in December 2021 and have grown to over 100,000 conversations a month. We now power conversations for India’s largest companies and even have a customer waitlist 🤷.

Our model is very simple— we bill brands per conversation. It could be getting their users to fill out a form, give feedback, take a test, buy a T-shirt or enrol in a course.

We’re based out of Bengaluru and prefer people to work with us in person.

😈 The type of people we’re looking for

We want builders

Ex-founders, people who have worked at startups in the past, people who have built + shipped their own personal projects/products to real users, and really anyone that’s made an honest effort to do cool shit in the real world.

We don’t care about experience, degrees, your age, or what college you attended. But, we do care deeply about your history building products that shipped to actual users.

Jobs (1)

QA Engineer
5 LPA - 8 LPA
Conversation Designer
6 LPA- 8 LPA
Account Manager
4 LPA- 7 LPA
Software Engineer
14 LPA- 20 LPA
0.15%- 0.5%
UX Engineer
10 LPA- 16 LPA
0.15%- 0.5%
NLP Researcher
16 LPA- 20 LPA
0.5%- 2%
Research Engineer

👍 Benefits / Details

  • 👩‍⚕️ Plum health insurance
  • 💻 Laptop of your choice
  • 💪 A cult fit membership
  • 📚 $50 for reading/books every month
  • 🍔 Lunch on days you’re in the office
  • 🪜  Subscriptions to tools and courses to do your best
  • 🌈 1 week PTO. Time-off/breaks are actually a superpower.
  • 👩‍💻 We tend to work 5-6 days a week.

👋 who’s in right now?


Akshat— CEO loves jumping around the office in shorts playing sad spotify in airpods all day long.


Siddish— NLP Engineer behind our telugu bias. becoming a full blr boi on his yezdi scrambler these days.


Shanti— Backend+ Devops passionate about giving quirky codes to bots. also into designing joker-style riddles.