Human Agent

What you'd do?

Supervise AI. We are building intelligent interview system, your task will be to watch over and make sure it's nice to everyone 100% of the time. On the backend, this looks like observing multiple text conversations simultaneously and intervening if necessary. We'll give you the memo about censorship.

Work hours?

You'll be working in shifts so relatively flexible. We care about you being scrupulous when you login and disciplined enough to inform about your schedule in advance. Hours are upto you.

What should I be good at?

Quick decision-making, like really really fast comprehension of context. You need to be good at having conversations generally, competing against a smart AI is gonna be tough, ngtl. Error free speed typing will help.

...and the money?

Come-on, really? Hahaha, so we pay a basic stipend and then there's an incentive for every interview you supervise. The total stipend you can expect at the month-end is capped.

Why is this the coolest internship in pursuit of singularity?

Everyday that you supervise the bots, you will marvel at how smarter than you it is. Or you'll be scared or maybe you'll chuckle a little bit. Or both, at the same time. We sometimes feel stupid ourselves. And sadly, the better the bot gets, the more jobs it will eat up. But hey, you'll have fun watching your hopes of economic mobility drift away!

wow, you came 😲 what's next?

1️⃣ Find yourself a good time.

2️⃣ Join our discord server and find Zmark in the members list.

3️⃣ At the selected slot, ping Zmark with /start

(If you face any trouble joining the server, please email

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