Workhack helps you hire faster and better.

Faster? Interviews for mid-level positions last for about 30 minutes. Hosting the process for hundreds of candidates is insanely expensive and slow. Workhack helps to finish all the in less than 60 minutes. Your applicants receive a decision faster and you hire the best person on-time. Thus saving you massive HR costs.

Better? Extracting useful information from conversations is a difficult skill, and good interviewers are rare to find. Workhack uses AI to generate thousands of creative variations to get candidates to open up about their aptitudes and deficiencies. We rank candidates on values that actually matter for your business to help you hire better candidates at scale.

What you can expect ➡️

👉🏼 You sign up on Workhack or shoot us an email at A recruitment specialist gets on a 30-minute call with you to help you understand Workhack Agent's capabilities and if we can add any value to your hiring process. Conquering the world is very much on our agenda, but building an awesome hiring experience for every industry takes loads of resources. We want to be ready for you before we make a promise.

👉🏼 At the next stage, you select the pricing tier that works best based on the number of total applications you wish to process. We discuss how your current hiring cycle works including what matters to you the most, the platforms you use and what you want us to prioritise etc.

👉🏼 Once we have all the details and expectations, it would take us a week to ready your very own bot. You can invite your candidates to chat with the bot at a time of your choice. We will assign a Human Agent to monitor interviews and prevent any surprises. We will shoot you a quick thumbs up about basic data when everyone is through.

👉🏼 Lastly, you can expect a detailed analysis report of the top candidates who interviewed for your position. We will provide a brief summary about each of them and you can request chat transcripts for the ones you pick.

If there's something that doesn't work for you, just shoot us a quick email. We'll push ourselves to meet your expectations.

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