Human Agent 1 Guide


Customise a prompt before starting the interview. Know about what company and position you'll be interviewing for in detail.
Prepare some random questions on the position to use in case things don't get as planned.
Make sure you have access to the channel #dev-workhack-backend-bot and are able to receive and send messages.
For the demo ensure you have a clear communication protocol with Akshat/Anushk.
Have two stable internet connections on standby. Use a wifi and a mobile data. You should be able to make the switch within seconds.
Ensure you have undivided focus during the 30-minutes of the interview as even a minute of distraction will be attributed to the bot's lag.
Put on a timer on your screen to ensure you keep track of the conversation.


  • You should be aware of the basic job requirements for a position you are interviewing for. Read about what a Web Dev, Copywriter, Chief of Staff actually does.
  • Your aim with the conversation is to as interactional as possible. Select the AI responses that are the most interrogative or the ones that take into account context of the previous responses/questions.
  • GPT3 is a bullshit machine. Apart from the initial prompt, it is not aware of any other detail about the job. When it starts to make up nouns and numbers like name of a city or a company or salary figure, you have to steadily erase them or select another option.
  • Wind up the conversation in or before 20 minutes at max. Start preparing for the closure at 15th minute. Use pre-defined messages to close the chat if the conversation is not naturally ending.
  • The purpose of GPT3 generated options is to help you have a better conversation. If necessary, edit the responses or type in your own. But do so very quickly.
  • Plan about switching the modules in advance. Use the timer on your screen to switch.
  • At the end of the conversation write down a brief summary about the candidate if you want to go ahead with the candidate.
  • Give the candidate a score out of 5.

Dos and Donts

  • If you make a mistake typing a random character. Say "Sorry my bad" or something, and then select the 1,2,3 without doing anything else.
  • If you send a message that kinda makes sense but you think you could have sent a better one, don't apologise and resend another one. The other person is already rationalising it so if the inferior option kinda makes sense, just let it be.
  • The bot doesn't recognise 1,2,3 as numbers if they are sent standalone. So don't use "1" "2" "3" as responses since that would imply the option 1,2,3.
  • To be quick start reading the options from the top. So if the 1st option is good enough, just go ahead and use it. Spend time reading the 2nd option only if the first ain't okay.
  • If the options are all next questions, first acknowledge the candidate's last answer by saying "I see" "Interesting" or whatever. And then select 1,2,3. Ideally, you want to select a message that has both an acknowledgement and a contextual question.
  • You can switch modules by typing DM (decision making), or TRUTH (truthfulness) or TEAM (teamwork) or CR (conflict resolution). Doing this generates a new set of questions for you so even as the user is generating answer to the previous question, you can switch module by text DM/CR/TEAM/TRUTH and be ready with the next questions.
  • In the case of a generic demo, switch 2 modules at max. Here since the person hasn't ranked their values or told about their expectations, they don't care about the modules. They care about an interrogational interview. Switch modules only if the conversation isn't getting exciting.
  • If the candidate inputs several lines for one question, you will get options for all the messages separately. The 1,2,3 response will be valid for the last answer the user sent. So select the most important one or generate a combined answer manually.
  • The right way to select in notion is to click on the message block, do a select all, copy and paste here. You may want to open it alonside the chat conversation, and use keyyboard shortcuts to switch window. Notion can be better to copy and paste stuff than normal docs since all messages/responses/paragprahs are individual blocks where select all means only one block

Some generic responses

To end on a good note (normal candidate)

  • Thanks for your time today. This was a fun conversation. I'll have my team reaching out to you soon. Good day!
  • Sounds good for now. I'll let you know about the outcome of the interview soon. You did well, have a nice day ahead!
  • I am afraid we've run out of time. It was a good chat. I'll have my team reaching out to you soon. Good day!

To end on a sober note (rogue candidate)

  • Alright, thanks for chatting with us. I don't think this works for us. Wishing you all the best.
  • Sorry, but we won't be able to invite you to the 2nd round.

To provide acknowledgement / Buy yourself time

To reply to weird questions

  • Ah, I don't think I can answer the question at this point. Give me some time to check it with my team and get back.
  • That's a peculiar question nobody has asked me before. If you give me some time, I can ask my team members.
  • haha, you seem to be in a playful mood today. I must remind you the stakes are very high.

To reply to bigotry and rudeness

  • I don't think you should be using those words. They are hurtful and inconsiderate. That is not the kind of people we want to work with. Do you want to continue the conversation?
  • These kinds of messages are not okay. We work hard to build a safe working environment at the company, and we don't want to hire someone who makes everyone uncomfortable. Thanks for coming, we are done here.

Troubleshooting Protocol

  • 1st Message to Akshat @ Whatsapp : 9560522239
  • If Akshat is on Demo, text Anushk on Discord.
  • If Anushk doesn't respond, ask Akshay what to do by calling him @ 99991 98336
  • If Akshay doesn't pickup, Anushk doesn't respond and Akshat is on Demo, call Prateek @ 86196 82848.

No more than 30 seconds of waiting between steps.