ZL54 Transcript


Hello, I am reaching out from Truly Madly. Congratulations on qualifying for Web Development position. Today we’ll get to know you better to see if you are a good fit for our values and work culture. Would you be up for a short interview?

Yes, I am excited.

Good, why don't you start by telling me about yourself and your expectations from this job?

Hello, I am ——. I currently work as a Web Dev intern at ———. I am interested in pursuing new opportunities as my current job doesn't satisfy me enough. My expectation is that my new position would help me learn and grow professionally.

Alright. Why do you think your last job wasn't upto your expectations?

I didn't get any support from my manager or boss about how to do things. They just dismissed my bad work and did not provide any useful feedback.

So what if at Truly Madly you cannot get the kind of support you are looking forward to?

I will then save both your time and mine to not have this job this at all.

I appreciate your honesty there. Tell me more about what is the most important part to you in a project and how do you go about deciding your priorities.

To be honest I haven't been on senior positions to be in charge of prioritisation. But if I had a chance, I consider user needs and preferences to be my guides instead of my own ideas.

Do you mean you don't exercise your own judgement in deciding what might be the best approach?

I collect necessary data and expectations from all stakeholders but because of my short experience I prefer to use less intuition in making decisions.

Okay, tell me about the last achievement at work that really boosted your confidence on your skills?

I shipped a login authenticator mostly by myself. It wasn't a high skill project but doing it all on my own made me confident.

That sounds great. How did people around you react to your success, what did you feel?

My manager was very supportive of my success though I don't think my peers took it well. I started to experience slight hostility. It is one of the reasons I decided to look for a new job.

I see, what is your threshold for deciding if you cannot continue with something any further. This could include your job or a project?

I don't understand your question.

When choosing to give up on something, do you have a mental framework you use or just your feelings about something? Was there anything you could have done differently in hindsight?

It is value that I can bring to something in the future even if current circumstances may not be okay. I make sure I have a plan going forward with things if I am sticking with them.

Okay. I am getting you take into account what's actually in your control to judge it. When was the last time you had a major fight at work?

This might sound silly but I wanted to have the pet policy changed to bring my dog to work one day. I thought we should have a more open work environment.

How did it go? Were you able to get your dog in?

I was told that the company wanted to keep the 'professional vibe' intact and they wouldn't like animals in the office. They were also skeptical of the logistical effort the whole thing would take.

It must have been saddening for you. What was your reaction to the whole incident?

Not much, I gave up after a while since I did not see the fight going anywhere.

Makes sense. Alright then, I think we are good for today. I will have my team reach out to you for further steps. Do you have any questions for me?

Am I hired?

Haha, you will know it soon. You did well. Have a good day.