XY21 Transcript


Hello, I am reaching out from Truly Madly. Congratulations on qualifying for Web Development position. Today we’ll get to know you better to see if you are a good fit for our values and work culture. Would you be up for a short interview?


Great! I’d like to start off with a few general questions, then we’ll dive into the details of the role and the company.


Awesome. Let’s start. First question: What does it take for you to feel like the day is successful?

Accomplished all my daily tasks.

I see. So for you, it’s more about being able to check off a list, rather than anything else?

Not really

What I'm getting from your answer is that you like to complete things thoroughly before moving on to the next task. Are you okay with checking something off the list before it’s 100% complete?

Nope. It is important to finish the task at hand rather than cutting corners.

Oh, I see. It sounds like you value perfection a lot.


awesome! Anything else you'd like to add about yourself here?

Can you ask a more specific question?

Sure. Can you tell me your biggest flaws?

Workwise or general?

Good question. Can you tell me a time your flaws had an impact on your team?

Too much attention to detail that led to delay in the project.

Was there anything you could have done differently in hindsight?

Could have been agile and rolled out a 95% stable built.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing that. Do you think you're a good leader?


Can you tell me an instance where you led a team to success?

I introduced a new inventory counting method that led to better accuracy and success rate.

That's great. Can you tell me a time when you failed to lead your team to success?


Thanks for your time, we'll reach out with our review soon. Have a good day.