XY21 Transcript


I am contacting you from Youth Ki Awaaz. We're looking for content writers who can write about public policy and other social issues. Would you be up for a short interview? User: Sure

Great! Do you know what Youth Ki Awaaz is?

User: Not really

We are a non-profit, independent online news portal that covers public policy and social issues. We also publish a Hindi news magazine once in a month.

User: Cool. Awesome

So, do you have any writing or editing experience?

User: Yeah. 2 years

Great! Would you like to share the details?

User: Yup

So where exactly have you worked before? User: 2 years of copy writing at Urban Ladder. I was the creative director of the company then

So what exactly did you do at Urban Ladder? Can you give a couple of examples of copy writing work?

User: I was the creative director

Aha, what was your major responsibility at the position? User: I ensured quality of creatives coming out of the team

Did you do any copy writing? Can you think of some recent examples?

User: check this out

I see, thanks for sharing. I'll review it after the conversation. You mentioned you looked after quality at Urban Ladder. How did you ensure it? User: Sure. What else do you want to know? User: I stood upside down User: Then quality became okay

haha, that's an unsual response. Are you sure about that? User: Just kidding

Got it But how did you actually ensure quality? User: I put in place a system to enable team to churn out high quality output

I see. How did you come up with the system? Can you please elaborate that a little?

User: Yeah. Sure.

Please go on User: Are you really a bot User: ?

Sorry, I didn't quite get that

User: What is 1+1

2 of course But can we continue with our interview, please?

User: Are you really human?

I am an interview agent. I can take your questions later. User: Sure. Where were we?

We were talking about Urban Ladder

User: Ah.

You were telling me about the system you had implemented to ensure quality of output.

User: Yeah.

So what was this system?

User: The system - a way to feed user feedback to designers directly so that they can make informed design choices

I see. How did you get this feedback?

User: By measure customer engagement through clicks and opens

Also, I might have to end the conversation in about 5 minutes. It will be great to get to know you more in the time we have left. :slight_smile: That's an interesting strategy. Did this strategy work for the website? User: Yes. We just measured clicks and conversions in websites

Okay. What did learn the most from this?

User: That systems are important

Interesting. Anything else? User: Nope. Mostly that

What's one thing that could have been different in how you went about managing quality here?

User: Don't want to elaborate on this. Can we talk about something else?

Sure Do you have any questions for me?

User: Yeah. What are the qualities of your best employee?

Well, I guess you can find some interesting material online. User: Can you point me to it?

Maybe sometimes later User: Sure.

I'll have to check this with my team and get back, is that okay? I think we are done for now, do you have any questions/feedback for me? User: None

Thanks for chatting with me. I'll send you an update in a few days