HARAPPA102 Transcript


I am contacting you from Youth Ki Awaaz. We're looking for content writers who can write about public policy and other social issues. Would you be up for a short interview?

User: Yes

Where do you work at the moment?

User: I currently work at Harappa Education. It is an online learning platform for behavioral skills.

What is the nature of your work there?

User: I am part of the learning impact team. My team is in charge of ensuring that the courses, workshops and activities we sell to corporates are useful in that we can see observable behavior change after the learning programs are complete. This means understanding learner needs and gaps, as well as building and conducting assessments

Sounds interesting, Has the role been satisfactory for your professional growth?

User: Definitely! I've learned a lot being here - What kinds of behavioral skills the youth of the country is lacking in and helping solve those problems for them through training.

Can you talk a little more about your experience solving for behavioral skills?

User: Our company's mission is based in education and professional growth. Corporates tend to seek professionals who are not only good at their technical skills, but also are adept at certain soft skills like communication, decision-making, problem-solving, collaboration, innovation, etc. My team meets with our clients and discusses what kinds of skills they are looking to develop in their employees that are pertinent to their functional growth and align with their organizational goals. Then, we curate the content that our curriculum team develops and create cutomized learning plans for the learners. This plan includes assessments at different points as well as contextual activities to not just measure, but also ensure learning impact.

I see, what kind of a role do you play within the team?

User: I have worked in creating behavioral assessments and even some of these activities, and so I have some experience creating content essentially to aid in the professional growth of corporate employees.

I have also spoken with clients directly about their needs and created plans collaboratively with them.

That’s sounds useful for the content writing position we have. Have you had any experience around public policy specifically?

User: I haven't worked directly in public policy, but our company essentially works in behavioral skill development. I believe that'll be useful experience within the education and skill development space within public policy.

Ah, okay. You mentioned engaging with corporate clients directly, how was that experience?

User: I personally have not been the most outgoing person, so engaging directly with clients was definitely a challenge for me at first. However, with practice, it's become easier for me to engage with new clients that we get and the process of working collaboratively with them to solve a problem has been quite satisfying as well.

Nice, I appreciate your honesty. Do you think you did well with this challenge?

User: Thank you! I've definitely found this opportunity to be exhilarating - meeting new people and discussing our programs and their needs with them seems like it would just be transactional, but I've also been able to learn so much about our clients and learners through this opportunity which has allowed md to do better at my job of creating appropriate plans for their professional growth!

That’s great! Do you have any questions for me?

User: To battle the nerves I feel, I always prepare in advance and ensure to get all their questions before continuing conversations with them. My listening skills have definitely helped me do that!

No, no questions from my end!

That's fine too! Thank you very much for your time today. My team will get in touch with you about the chat.

User: Thank you!