Hello! This message is regarding your application to Truly Madly.

Congratulations on qualifying for the position of Web Developer! Before making a final offer, we like to know exactly, how well a fit for the company's ecosystem you could be.

Would you be up for a short interview ?

Yes, definitely.

Great, to begin, why not inform us concerning yourself and a portion of your desires from this work?

Hi! My name is GJT619. I’m currently working as a junior web designer at XYZ. I’ve been working here for the past 6 months, and I still haven’t received a promotion. I’m looking for a job that can really help me advance in my career.

Okay, I understand. Do you think a promotion every 6 months is a good idea for company functionality?

Yes, I think everyone should be promoted once in a while, it really helps boost self-confidence.

That’s interesting. So, do you consider self-confidence amongst employees, to be a driving force for a business?


Alright. So, which achievements of yours do you think have gone unrewarded?

I worked overtime for 1 week when the company needed, all they gave me was overtime pay. I expected more.

That does seem a bit odd, but swiftly moving forward, don’t you think these frequent promotions would spoil some of the employees. How do you think a the company should go about promoting their employees the right way?

Well, they should pay attention to each employee equally, even if they are at different pay grades.

That seems a bit vague, let’s move forward.

What do you do to relax, when you’re stressed at work?

I like to smoke.

Alright, how frequently do you take breaks, during your work hours.

I’d say about 10 – 15 breaks. They’re pretty quick breaks, so my work isn’t compromised.

So has anyone ever told you, you take too many breaks?

Yes, once my boss scolded me for being in the break room for too long.

So what did you do, to resolve this situation?

I didn’t take it that seriously. I definitely avoided eye contact with him for a few days though.

Okay I see, what else do you do to relax, when you’re not smoking?

We have a game area, where I like to play carrom a lot. I spend some time there too.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have time for, thanks for chatting with me, I’ll get back to you with what you have to do next. Do you have any questions for me?

No, thanks.

Alright GJT619. Have a good day!