Hello! This message is regarding your application to Truly Madly.

Congratulations on qualifying for the position of Web Developer! Before making a final offer, we like to know exactly, how well a fit for the company's ecosystem you could be.

Would you be up for a short interview ?

Okay, why not.

Nice, so what is the main reason you're appyling to Truly Madly?

My sister worked at Truly Madly before and she told me this is a good company.

So what if Truly Madly doesn't live upto your expecatations?

She told me if we work at Truly Madly, we can get easy dates.

Okay, no worries. So what are you the most passionate about?

I'm really into playing cricket, I take part in a lot of tournaments.

Do you prefer playing cricket or working as web developer?

I like both equally, but if I have a future in cricket i might leave.

Honesty is always appreciated. Alright, so moving on what do you do to start your day?

I play cricket alot so i like running. I run for 2 hours everyday.

Alright, cool. Have you ever gotten into a fight at your job?

Yes, one day I came from the washroom after my match at the office and I got into a fight with the cleaner.

So you come to your workplace after your matches?

Yes that is normal for my office.

Okay, what happened during the altercation?

The worker decided to move my training bag from the washroom to the locker room. When people touch my things I don't like it. So i got angry and i pushed the worker.

Alright, what did other people have to say about this?

They weren't mad, it was all okay.

Sure, what do you like to do relax?

I like to play with my cats at home and go on blind dates to meet new people.

Interesting, what do you think makes you stand out of the crowd?

I'm a lone wolf i always stand out in crowds.

Okay, wonderful. Well that's all we have time for today, I'll inform you about further steps soon. Any questions?

Is it true, we can get dates if we work at Truly Madly.