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Hello! This message is regarding your application to Truly Madly.

Congratulations on qualifying for the position of Web Developer! Before making a final offer, we like to know exactly, how well a fit for the company's ecosystem you could be.

Would you be up for a short interview ?

Yes, definitely.

Perfect, what is the most important part of your day?

In the evening, I love going to the gym at night. It helps me get rid of my stress.

That’s interesting, what stresses you out the most about your job?

I hate talking to clients all day. I have to answer the dumbest questions all day long, and it pisses me off. I also miss my gym sessions sometimes because of stupid client calls.

I see, so having work timings which suit you, is important, right?


Alright, interesting. Why don't you give me another example of one of these instances?

I missed my daughter's birthday party, because of a client call. I took a break for 2 days after that, to spend time with my daughter.

Wouldn’t you say that’s a rash decision? A company depends on its workers to solve random problems, such as the one you mentioned.

But I had problems too, so my daughter comes first, before the company.

Alright, appreciate the honesty, why don’t we talk about some of the projects you’ve worked on as a leader.

There haven’t been many such opportunities for me as a leader, I don’t have the patience to handle multiple tasks at the same time, and as a leader, dipping your shoes into different circumstances, is crucial.  

Alright, finally, to wrap things up, I’d like to ask you, have you ever had any quarrels at work before?

Yes, once I had kept my sandwich in the refrigerator and someone decided to take it.

So how did you deal with this situation?

That day I threw a tantrum. I can't handle someone eating my food.

Alright then, noted. Who do you trust the most, in your office?

I'm really good friend with the peon at our office. I like him the most.

Interesting, why is that?

He usually sneaks in some snacks for me during work hours, so I have something to munch on.

Why would he have to sneak them in?

We're not allowed to eat at our desks at my current job, so he sneaks some snacks in for me. He's cool.

I see you're a bit of a rebel. Do you have any other workplace secrets that you'd like to share?

No. I don't have any workplace secrets.

Okay, thanks for talking to me! Unfortunately, that’s all we have time for today, I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Any questions?

No, thanks.  

Alright, thank you ____. Have a good day!