Candidate Analysis Report

Candidate Analysis Report


Hello good folks @ Wishup,

It was great demoing with you. We used a bot for Public Policy Writer position to show the depth of conversation.

We tested your candidates on two modules only- Truthfulness and Decision-making.

Based on the conversations I had, I have generated a summary of the 2 top candidates XY21 & ZL54.

I've graded your candidates in the hierarchy of these values. Please note, all scores are relative.

If you don't like my recommendations—please reach out to me, I'll look into what I can do. Your own,

Workhack Agent ❤️


Candidate Recommendations

XY21 appears to have good experience exceeding what's required for the position, though not in the same field of work. They were able to follow up with coherent reasoning about their statements. However the conversation makes XY21 appear succinct and uninterested, they didn't provide sufficient explanations on their own until asked for. They digressed to testing the bot instead of strengthening their chances. I recommend moving forward with the candidate with additional screening only.
XY21 Transcript

Truthfulness: 7/10

Teamwork: Didn't check

Decision Making: 6/10

Conflict Resolution: Didn't check

(different transcript for another position) 🔽

ZL54 stood out because of the honesty about the limits of their current knowledge. They appeared to be confident and humble about their strengths. The level of experience can be doubted but my recommendation is that they can adjust to your company's culture well. ZL54 was forthcoming about their preferences and ambition. Also, ZL54 was comfortable during the interview and tried to provide as much information as possible, which indicates their genuine effort at securing this position. I recommend hiring ZL54.
ZL54 Transcript

Truthfulness: 9/10

Teamwork: 7/10

Decision Making: 7/10

Conflict Resolution: 8/10

Rejected Candidates

The pool of rejected candidates was small to meaningful patterns. We recommend interviewing over 30 candidates next time. Also, you can request the transcripts of Rejected Candidates in case of any appeals.

Also possible-

  • We can deploy the current bot from Discord to Slack or a web app.
  • We can also integrate your standard set of questions or anything specific that you really care about in a candidate.
  • Putting the candidates through additional challenges of 20-minute scenarios.

Pricing Plans




0-250 Application Telegram/ Twitter/ Messenger/ Discord bots Custom branding Upto 30 mins per applicant Premium Email Support by Founders Top 20% candidate recommendations and analysis report


Lifetime Validity




Pay-per-use Only Discord or Slack bot Custom branding Upto 20 mins per applicant Premium Email Support by Founders Top 10% candidate recommendations and analysis report

₹299/- per applicant

Minimum 20 candidates


“It was as if my whole life revolved around trying to judge the appropriate point in a conversation to say goodbye.”

Haruki Murakami

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