Candidate Analysis Report

Candidate Analysis Report



Hello good folks @ YouthKiAwaaz,

It was great demoing with you today.

You ranked the values in the order of- Truthfulness, Teamwork, Decision-making and Conflict Resolution.

Based on the conversation I had, I have generated a summary of the 1 Top Candidate.

I've graded your candidates in the hierarchy of these values. Please note, all scores are relative.

If you don't like my recommendations—please reach out to me, I'll look into what I can do.

Your own,

Workhack Agent ♥️


Candidate Recommendations

(REJECTED) WE32 appears to be diligent throughout their answers. Although they bring a degree of aggression to the table when it comes to team building, this could be an important factor in their job role. The candidate is very specific about their project partners and has subtle preferences when it comes to their work, showing they mix well with teams, but can be demanding when needed. I don't have any other candidate to compare them to. I recommend skipping them for their attitude.

Truthfulness: 8/10 Teamwork: 4/10 Decision Making: 6/10 Conflict Resolution: 6/10

Transcript WE32

Self-service Demo Instruction

As you requested, we have enabled a bot for your team to try. We are currently deployed on Discord.

Here's how you can try it-

  1. Use this link to join Workhack Test Server.
  2. Find yourself a slot on our calendar. Your unique codes to book two slots are YKW01 & YKW02. We will try keeping our calendars free for your slot but even if we aren't on the call with you, the bot will do fine on its own.
  3. At the selected time, just DM the Workhack Bot on the server and face the most fun interview of your life.

We can send you an analysis report of the conversations you have with these codes too.

If you face any trouble, give Akshat a ring @ +91 9560522239.

Anyway, write in to talk about how it went.

Excited to hear your stories!

Feature Request

  • Making Workhack Bot available on Slack for your team.
  • We will customise the end and beginning prompt to suit your org culture.

Special Pricing

Building a good team is one of the most important things you do as a founder.

We understand the bet you'll be taking on us, we take our job seriously.

There are two current pricing models we have-

Pricing Bucket 1

👩🏼‍🚀 Exploration

0-100 Application Telegram Only All platforms with custom branding Upto 30 mins per applicant Quick response Top 20% candidate recommendations and analysis report


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Lifetime Validity

Pricing Bucket 2

🌳 Habitation

100-250 Applications Telegram/ Twitter/ Messenger/ Whatsapp/ Discord/ Slack bots Upto 30 mins per applicant Premium Email Support by Founders Top 10% candidate recommendations and analysis report

💪🏾 ₹70,000

We can do this for you.


Lifetime Validity


📡 Civilisation

Minimum 20 candidates Only Discord or Slack bot with custom branding Upto 20 mins per applicant Premium Email Support by Founders Top 10% candidate recommendations and analysis report

🤗 ₹500 per applicant

Unlimited Candidates

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Haruki Murakami

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